Publications tagged `WRITING TIPS`
Name Followers
The Writer’s Library The invaluable resource for every writer 106
Write to Edit Write better, edit less. Writing tips, style advice and grammar guidance. 106
Rachel’s Journey Join me as I try new approaches to thinking, working, and living a happier life. 102
Write and Review To request a book review, sign up for a free account on Medium and follow this publication. Send an email with the title of the work you want reviewed to I am also accepting writers and editors. 98
The Working Writer Making your writing business work 97
My Freelance Writing Journey A journal of my personal journey as a freelance writer. 85
CAPITAL LETTERS A writing blog dedicated to speculative fiction. 74
The Prolific Creator Helping motivated creators get unstuck. 69
365 Days of Freelance Writing What’s it like to be a freelance writer? Let me show you. 68
Write Purpose A reference for all things writing. 67
Sunday Morning Talks Taking stock of the week before, preparing for the week ahead. 64
M-Meister The best articles about how to succeed on Medium 63
The Writing Experiment We are just finding out what this writing thing is all about 63
Mama Write Be a Mama and a Writer 60
The Crumpled Page Personal Memoirs About Writing Through Life’s Unlikely Debacles 59