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Grey Swan Digital Price Sharing will provide all of the benefits of the $500 Trillion derivatives market to people that desperately need them, but are unserved by conventional markets. 37
Blockchains: An Informal Deep Dive A blog by Zain Admani that documents my deep dive into the technical working and evolution of blockchain technology and distributed systems in general. The goal is to document my findings in the order to help others understand the technology and how we got to where we are. 36
LISTOFICO is the best place to get comprehensive information on all the latest ICO listings across the globe. You can compare listings, specifications and price from a single, convenient location. 29
CoinCorner One of the UK’s oldest and leading Bitcoin exchanges (founded in 2014) 24
Unitychain General Distributed Technology Company 24
Bitgenstein’s Table The Crypto Philosophy Podcast 22
Kaleidoscope XCP An artistic experiment in cryptographic digital asset management. 22
SophonEX SophonEX is a digital asset platform, aiming to make cryptocurrency investing safe, smooth and smart. The company is Singapore registered and venture backed, with a R&D team in Silicon Valley, make up of digital natives. 21
The Bitcoin Times Facts over Fiction. Practice over Theory. Timeless, Limited edition content, news, & information on Bitcoin. 21
Etherbit India’s largest online crypto-gadget store. Authorised Ledger, Trezor, Mous Reseller. #Bitcoin #Ethereum (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY COIN) 19
Coinstack App Cryptocurrency Trading for Everyone 17
Bungling Blockchain Advice and anecdotes for the cryptocurrency enthusiast. Rambling reviews and publications of perplexity focused on crypto — some of these words are for the birds some are for all. 17
kriptio Kript is a mobile application to invest in crypto assets. Kript simplifies the process of buying and selling and helps create a balanced portfolio 16
BitHyve BitHyve’s community conversations: All about Bitcoin — technology, economics and liberal arts 16
Trading Basics Teaching you how to trade smarter & employ discipline with risk management. 15