Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Untitled Factory Mobile & web digital agency specializing in Progressive Web Apps located in Paris, France. 6
Liz Hamburger A collection of my thoughts, feelings and anything else I’ve wrote 5
Design on the Mind Created in 2017, this is a space where my lingering creative thoughts live and breathe. It’s an exploration of the design world, and a playground of ideas on how to build better experiences in the real-world. 5
The Brigade Design, development, strategy and badass culture. 5
fig40 Fig40 is an industrial design studio driven to developing relevant, sustainable and often award-winning, products that inspire collaboration. Collaboration between users. Collaboration between design and manufacturing. 5
Portfolio Philipp Hertel Design Portfolio of Philipp Hertel. German Design Graduate 5
XYZ Type The independent type foundry of Ben Kiel & Jesse Ragan 5
Coder Chronicles Thoughts on Designing and Building Digital Products 5
The Supersymmetry Design beyond stereotypes. 5
YouMeO we create positive and strategic innovations 4
Eric Lund Design Eric Lund is a Designer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He designs experiences so refreshing they could be the next LaCroix flavor. Go on, take a sip. 4
Empathic Futures Lab Discussing Human-focused futures for the Environments in which we live 4
Services and service organisations About the design and management of services and the organisations that provide them 4
Blackcreek Driven by challenge. Inspired to solve. Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses. 4
Kritiqal Kritiqal is website focused on writing about video games from unorthodox and underserved perspectives. Its goal is to create discussions around games as an art form, as well as spotlight smaller independent games and developers creating cool things in interesting places. 4