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Notes by Workhorse From the desk of Workhorse 2
Design Aficionado people, objects, ideas 2
The Future of Workplace Learning Learning in the workplace is undergoing a radical change from many factors: AI, Big Data, Adaptive technologies, VR/AR/XR, Internet of Things, and more. Here, we discuss how these intersect with business impacts, innovation, design, pedagogy, and marketing. 2
JMS Editorial JMS Editorial is a digital publication brought to you by John McNeil Studio, from the wilds of Berkeley, California. Learn more about how we could work together at 2
Makers Monday A collection of our favourite UK based makers. 1
These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
Sometimes I Write About Stuff A collection of things I want to write about, from travel to design to learning how to live life better. 1
404 the Record A GeoCity slicker teaching the web about the web. 1
Strike the Pixels! Everything you need to create better games. 1
CromeKohlr: random news on technology, innovation and design For woandering minds seeking discovery 1 We don’t like to call ourselves an agency. Think of us as a launch pad for your ideas. 1
Darby Design Co. A collection of design articles written by Lucy Darby. Weekly stories are also available on my personal website • Thank you so much for reading! 1
complexity surfers Liberating superpowers to shape organisations’ future. 1
firemind. We cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms and campaigns to create experiences. 1
Sprint Digital Empowering Businesses Through Technology 1