Publications tagged `WRITING LIFE`
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Just Write Tricks & Methods To Circumnavigate Your Logic Brain And Turn Writing Into Alchemy 13
Writers by Night Empowering ambitious professionals to fulfill their creative dreams. 12
Words for Writers If you’re a writer struggling with lousy habits, a ruthless inner critic, lack of time, or fear of starting/finishing/others reading your work/failure/etc., this is your place. Words for Writers offers tools, advice, & support to help you around, over and through those barriers! 8
& then write A community for writers to gather, share, support, inspire & motivate one another. 7
Honest Bob’s Medicine Show The secret elixir for wealth and happiness — or just more snake oil? 6
Agent Quest My journey finding a literary agent 6
Thought Vault A collection of stories, observations & articles from the curious minds of creative individuals. 6
Juliette Writes A publication devoted to the reading & writing life 6
The Joyful Writer Positive, proactive content for writers of all levels. 6
Self-Doubt Stare Down Thoughts on writing and being creative while looking self-doubt square in the eyes 5
WriterKats Creative Content for Indie Authors, Wannabe Writers, and Cool Cats. Self-care for introverts, writing tips, quotes, poetry, short stories, legacy projects, book reviews, launch ideas, and info to help you stay healthy on your passion quest. 5
Confessions of an Adjunct English Teacher A series of thoughts about my last 20 years of teaching writing at a community college. 5
The Newbie Novelist Lessons of a first timer. 4
Cheerleading for Writers Sports teams have cheerleaders who raise the overall mood by cheering at each of their matches. The authors of this world, whether experienced or aspiring, need cheerleaders too. This publication is for them. 4
She Has Written Posts about creativity, mental health, writing, and family. Because art is life. And creativity is difficult if your life is out of whack. 4