Publications tagged `WRITING LIFE`
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Hearts in the Write Place Two writers. One marriage. Two Lifetimes of Experiences Worth Writing about. 2
Writ in Water Writing blog featuring one writer’s journey to publication, with anecdotes, advice, experiments, and prompts. 1
Campfire Blog Learn everything you need to know to get started writing and worldbuilding! We cover all the things that a writer needs like workflow, planning, and crafting your manuscript. Find more of our posts at: 1
ARZONO Publishing ARZONO Publishing is an indie publishing house owned by author/editor Stella Samuel with the goal of uplifting writers from around the world and bringing forth their messages of love and loss and the journey back to hope and recovery. Find courage to utilize the power of words. 1
The Satellite The Satellite is a place for the poems that come to you in the middle of the night, like a download from a satellite. 1
Just Like New Just Like New is the publication to submit to when you need a place to showcase all those formerly published stories readers might have missed. You can submit any type, any category, but only your very BEST ones. 1
The Writer's Office where, why, and how 0
the Genre Grind Advice, how-to and humor for those who write to entertain. 0
Live, Love, Learn Thoughts about life, love, and learning by Ryan Dimalanta 0
Rot Gut Pulp A high-end outfit publishing neo-pulp e-rags from a Potemkin village in Ha Long Bay. We’d throw our grandmother into a jet turbine for a nickel and some cheap thrills. In life and dice, sometimes you throw a ten, but most of the time you seven out. 0