Publications tagged `BLOCKCHAIN`
Name Followers
IOST The Internet of Services Foundation Official Medium Publication 3,363
IDEO CoLab A collaborative network focused on accelerating the research and development of emerging technologies. 2,751
Ocean Protocol A New Data Economy 2,713
Santiment Insight into the crypto markets. For traders and investors of any level. 2,655
Mainframe . Official blog Mainframe makes it easy to build and monetize bulletproof decentralized applications. Resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption — developers and users alike enjoy full control and freedom from any third party interference. 2,569
Aion Updates, insights, and education from leaders in the blockchain industry. 2,533
MyCrypto The Official MyCrypto Blog 2,512
Worldopo Website: 2,382
Cardstack The experience layer of the decentralized Internet. 2,094
Balance Interfaces for the open source financial system. 1,942
Holochain Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences. Distributing the storage and processing of that data can change how we coordinate and interact. 1,937
FOAM FOAM is committed to building spatial protocols, standards, and applications that bring geospatial data to blockchains and empower a consensus driven map of the world. 1,917
TMD STUDIO’s Insights Everything you need to know about the future of architecture and design 1,883
UtopiaPress Discovering the optimal lifestyle of the future. 1,866
Indorse On the Indorse platform, hundreds of expert developers are ready to pre-screen your tech candidates and help you save time in your hiring process. By using our in-depths coding reports you will able to directly interview tech candidates that meet your standards! 1,807