Ocean Protocol

A New Data Economy

Bruce Pon

Founder of Ocean Protocol, BigchainDB, ascribe.io, Avantalion

Matthias Kretschmann

Pixel, dots & code masseur. Currently designing @oceanprotocol, @bigchaindb. Fuck centralized platforms locking in your content https://kremalicious.com

Cristina Pon

Marketing @Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol Team

A Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI | oceanprotocol.com | #ANewDataEconomy

Trent McConaghy

AI*blockchain. Founder @OceanProtocol. www.trent.st @trentmc0

Latest Posts

Response to Librehash Review of Ocean Protocol

This article is a response to the article “Ocean Protocol Review” by cryptomedication, published on Aug. 9, 2020.

Announcing the Ocean Protocol Token Swap

On August 21, $OCEAN is moving to a new ERC20 contract in preparation for network rewards and staking

Filecoin Storage integrated with Ocean Protocol by Protofire

A new storage strategy allows users to fine-tune preferences in terms of data availability and size, geographical access, storage cost…

Should Product-Market Fit Come Before Tokens?

On the Degree of Token Usage in a Product

Worldwide Blockchain and AI communities team up to produce over 100 potential solutions to aide…

Over 1,100 participants from 99 countries registered for COVIDathon, DAIA’s 1st hackathon, aimed to leverage AI for social impact

On Verifying Token-Based Systems

A Token Engineering perspective

GDPR: Business Impact, Data Privacy, and the Road Ahead

Silvan Jongerius, Managing Partner of TechGDPR on GDPR’s 2-year anniversary and anonymized data

Ocean Protocol delivers Proof-of-Concept for Daimler AG in collaboration with Daimler South East…

The collaboration explored the use of decentralized data sharing platform for Daimler

Ocean Protocol decentralized data marketplace solutions for the automotive industry

Ocean Protocol is working with companies to build data marketplaces to unlock valuable private data for monetization


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