Ocean Protocol

A New Data Economy

Bruce Pon

Founder of Ocean Protocol, BigchainDB, ascribe.io, Avantalion

Matthias Kretschmann

Pixel, dots & code masseur. Currently designing @oceanprotocol, @bigchaindb. Fuck centralized platforms locking in your content https://kremalicious.com

Cristina Pon

Marketing @Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol Team

A Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI | oceanprotocol.com | #ANewDataEconomy

Trent McConaghy

AI*blockchain. Founder @OceanProtocol. www.trent.st @trentmc0

Marcus Jones

Marcus is a philosopher, engineer, and data scientist. Passionate about blockchain, AI, and robotics, and sustainability!

Latest Posts

Our November AMA with Trent and Beth

Data, Developers, and DAOs

Data Tokens 3: Data and Decentralized Finance (Data * DeFi)

Data as Collateral. Data DEXes, Data Loans, Data Stablecoins, and Data Tokens in Financial Supply Chains

Data Tokens 2: From Non-Fungible to Fungible and Composable Data Tokens

Unlocking the Data Economy with applications in data baskets, limited-edition datasets, priced compute pipelines, and more

How to Monetize & Tokenize Data

This is a transcript of my talk at the MOBI Colloquium in Los Angeles on Nov. 12, 2019.

Meet the Fleet

Learn about the latest additions to the Ocean team and how they fit into #ANewDataEconomy

Data Tokens 1: Data Custody

Data access control, meet crypto wallets & data DAOs

How we Safeguard our Smart Contracts (and Governance)

At Ocean, we apply military grade security to upgrade our smart contracts

Diffusion 2019 — Buidl. Hack. Conquer.

A recap of a whirlwind weekend of hacking, buidling, and getting in touch with our community

Meet the Fleet — Razvan Olteanu, COO of BigchainDB

With nearly 20 years of tech expertise, Razvan is ready to dive deep into the New Data Economy

Ocean and IPFS, Sitting In The Merkle Tree

As part of our v1.1 release, we integrated IPFS in the Ocean stack allowing you to take advantage of decentralized asset file hosting.


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