Publications tagged `LIFE`
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Reportage Digital This is a space for true-life storytellers and independent journalists. What’s your story? 2
Textual Discourse Ruminations on literature, life, and love (in all its forms). 2
In the Milieu Sharing and learning from observations of life, achieving goals & connecting ideas. 2
Vice and Other Advice Take my word for it, not all blogs are to be trusted. Life reflections that take too long to explain at parties. 2
Experience, Strength, Hope A smattering of lessons learned along the way. 2
Philosopher’s quarry A place for modest thoughts on big questions 2
Life Styles Show off how you live! Learn from others. Invent your own lifestyle. 2
A Creative Life Living life creativity. 2
LoveAndWords This is what it’s like to be a chronically-ill immigrant mom in America 2
kidlets Kids, family, and the care we take. 2
All the World’s A Poem Poems of any length on life, love, family, emotions, children, motherhood, or just about what you need to express (with taste, of course) 2
Deep Creativity Inspiration, stories, and success for all creatives. 2
Life, It Happens Life happens, there’s no other way around it. Relationships, love, family, faith, work, & dreams are just a few key ingredients. No matter if they are building us up or breaking us down, we can’t stop it. But, we can learn from it and get better at it. Life happens, let’s enjoy. 2
Soberly Kelly Sobriety can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely 2
Tan Kit Yung A young Singaporean’s view on things. 2