Publications tagged `LIFE`
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One More Thing The winding road toward being a better you. 2
Heart Philosophies Philosophies and Writings on Life 2
Chapters & Interludes The “chapters” of one man’s past and the foundation that formed the kind of man he became interwoven with “interludes,” reflections on what he’s learned and continues to learn now about happiness, purpose, and finding his tribe. 2
CLIPP Chronicles and tips from and for young music producers and artists. 1
Letters of Lessons Learned Letters to self. Letters to others. Letters to people you may not yet know and may no longer know. This publication is intended to share personal stories and advice for others, whether through short story, life lessons, lessons learned the hard way. 1
Sometimes I Write About Stuff A collection of things I want to write about, from travel to design to learning how to live life better. 1
LIFE. MONEY. CAREER. Essays, observations and stories on life, money and careers 1
Everyday Grind Stories about personal development, finance and research. 1
The Adastrian A Gonzo philosophy platform to explore great philosophical ideas and thoughts, teetering on the edge of madness, through a first-person narrative of any form — musings, ruminations, stories, ideas, poetry, essays…come what may — to build the mosaic of what it means “to be” 1
Elephant Daily I created Elephant Daily to share, tell, provide tips, tricks, and a piece of advice subtracted from my own life lessons. I want to empower everyone to live their best lives. 1
A Poem To… A collection of poems for the modern reader to help them live. 1
Outré Exploring the uncommon, the offbeat and the peculiar in our world 1
Our Slices of Life Life is made up of the small moments, and this is a celebration of the moments in our lives in the here and now. 1
Mer’s Menagerie (n): a place where wild things are kept and trained especially for exhibition. 1
simplicity Tips, recommendations and methods to reduce complexity in everyday life 1