Publications tagged `LIFE`
Name Followers
Quest to a Happier Self Life is a Videogame and I have a Quest for you! 13
Twisted Fragments Intentionally Incomplete 13
Prosaic Mosaic Poetry, creative writing, fiction, flash-fic, fan-fic, nonfiction, philosophy, travel, plays, essays, articles — pithy pieces of prose presented for your perusing and pondering pleasure. 13
Introspection, Exposition Introspection, Exposition is a publication for writers who want to use their own voices to tell their unique stories, and for readers who don’t want to see another how-to article. We feature brave personal essays, short fiction, humor, and more. 13
The Last Samizdat Fiction, truth, and the stories in between. 12
The Cabbage Garden As a child I was addressed as “mon petit chou”, so I’ve always felt favorably towards cabbage. 12
Wondrously Dedicated to helping others embrace their full potential through insightful, relatable articles. 12
The Sword and the Pen The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short and the pen is very sharp. 12
Everything Is Made Up The human condition, throughout history till today, through the lenses of neurodiverse and marginalised people. 12
Deaf Lives Matter A publication from a hearing guy that thinks Deaf rights are too often overlooked 11
Taskandra Stories About Productivity, Entrepreneurship, and Startups. 11
Tenets A community of lifelong learners and champions of our own success. Curation of stories on tech, finance & life. 11
Life, Unvarnished. Life, unvarnished. 11
The Photojournal. The story of a young maverick in the modern world. 10
Amy Pilkington The musings of author Amy Pilkington 10