Publications tagged `LIFE`
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The Wordsmith Haven A collection of Jonah’s writings including a variety of articles, short stories, and poems. 3
Kickstand Stories from people who ride bikes. To submit your story please email 3
Seven to One An economic, foreign affairs and global interest publication for readers and writers who look beyond the recycled news and learn from each other. 3
The Analog Perspective Analog approach to problems in a digital world. Reclaim your life and freedom. 3
Tonic and Tribe We’re a tribe living in our Spotify playlists. Writing about culture, fashion, and our own lives. 3
Everything Is Made Up The human condition, throughout history till today, through the lenses of neurodiverse and marginalised people. 3
FaithLiving365 A daily faith practice will give you that strength to face anything life has to offer. Powerful words of faith will provide you the path for living a purposeful life. Faith Living 365 provides the steps the highest point in your life, each day, everyday. 3
Reportage Digital This is a space for true-life storytellers and independent journalists. What’s your story? 2
Textual Discourse Ruminations on literature, life, and love (in all its forms). 2
In the Milieu Sharing and learning from observations of life, achieving goals & connecting ideas. 2
Vice and Other Advice Take my word for it, not all blogs are to be trusted. Life reflections that take too long to explain at parties. 2
Experience, Strength, Hope A smattering of lessons learned along the way. 2
Philosopher’s quarry A place for modest thoughts on big questions 2
Life Styles Show off how you live! Learn from others. Invent your own lifestyle. 2
Into The Deep A collection of insights and misadventures with life, love, and work by Kim Thuy Tu. 2