Publications tagged `WRITING`
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The Nonconformist Magazine The sharpest stories and perspectives around. We write about books, without compromise. For nonconformists only. 470
A Mind Interrupted A place to share life stories, and stories that just don’t seem to have a home. 470
Get Inside A day in the life 461
Writers Republic Writers Republic is an international self-publishing company that spearheads in inspiring and pursuing our author’s writing career efficiently at their utmost convenience. 458
Tom Thoughts Thoughts on reading, writing, creativity, and a life well lived. 441
The Indie Author Project A discussion on what it means and takes to be a sucessful indie author 436
The full time writer For all those who have the dream to make a living from writing and for those who have already achieved it. 435
Blogging Guide Medium’s top publication for discussing writing on Medium! Topics include: Medium Partner Program Earnings • Tips and Tricks for Medium Writer Success • Medium Publications • Article Curation • Free Courses • Medium Formatting Guides • Platform Updates • Medium FAQs 429
NWP Write Now Reflections on Writing from the National Writing Project Network 427
Page Count Explorations into the writer’s livelihood. We’re taking the red pen to the idea that art and money have nothing to do with each other. 421
Jun Wu Blog Blog of Jun Wu — Life, Work, Women, Love, Relationships, Parenting 421
The Way I Remember It A collection of ever-changing short stories. Genres include science fiction, horror, fantasy and more. 414
Wise Woman Within As women, when we enter our later years we have such glorious possibilities! We have an opportunity to heal, forgive, make peace, explore, dream, lighten up, become open and curious about where we’ve been and where we’re going. The wise woman within will be our guide. 404
Writing Together Bringing together a network of new and experienced writers, from all backgrounds, with many messages. Together, we can learn and grow in life and in our writing! 396
Socrates Café Socrates Café on Medium is all about making ours, on local and global scales, an inclusive, thoughtful and participatory society where regular exchanges of ideas and ideals among diverse people take place. 391