Publications tagged `WRITING`
Name Followers
Justice Poetic The Medium home for the poetry of Jenny Justice 567
Warrior Writers Developing Warrior Writers One Story at a Time 560
The Art of Blogging Remember a time when you were moved to tears by a piece you read on someone else’s blog? Or were inspired to take action in a certain area of your life? Well, that was art. The art of blogging. 558
The Arctic Circular A publication and penguin desperately clinging to the centre-ground and old-fashioned liberalism in the chaos of the digital age. Sometimes humor, mostly fighting. 555
Be a Brilliant Writer Writing strategies, hacks, lifestyle and productivity 554
Dallas Design Sprints I train individuals, teams and companies on how to effectively use the design sprint process. I also enjoy highlighting other professionals and practitioners in the field, and feature their stories here on Medium. 548
Fellowship Writers A community of writers, a positive environment, a safe place to become a better reader/writer. Not religiously affiliated. 542
Publishing Well A publication for all things publishing, writing, and reading: news, resources, information, reviews, and creative writing. 540
Mindset Matters Stories to uplift you because mindset matters more than you may think! 528
Brian — The Man Behind The Pen This is just a place for me to publish anything from LGBTQ issues to poetry and short fiction. Enjoy! 511
Long-Term Perspective Consistency is key. We tell stories about the process it takes to lead a successful lifestyle. 510
Writing For Your Life Honest, practical advice on the writer’s life for both aspiring and experienced authors and screenwriters, and an uncensored forum for provocative thought. 506
Dog Tales This is a publication written by Dogs. It is about dogs and for dogs, but most importantly, it is written BY DOGS. If you are a dog and like to write we welcome your stories. Just remember everything must be by the dog and in the first person. 487
Daily Muse Books Be Inspired! The latest book and author news, unique writing tips & prompts! Thank you for your support- as an Amazon Associate, DMB earns from qualifying purchases. 479
Found In My Journal Finding our shared humanity through the written word. Found In My Journal is a place to come together through writing and reading. We share our insight, humor, imagination and anything and everything that makes us human. Accepting non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Join us today! 479