Publications tagged `WRITING`
Name Followers
The Indie Author Project A discussion on what it means and takes to be a sucessful indie author 372
Any Writers Writing about anything 367
The Nonconformist Magazine The sharpest stories and perspectives around. We write about books, without compromise. For nonconformists only. 357
Wordsmith Library Writing without limits is freedom of expression. From sonnets to short stories, this is your platform to show who you truly are through putting pen to to paper. 348
The Masterpiece The wise writers don’t rush. They take time to produce their masterpieces. 341
KO63 Music No reviews, just features on the people who make the music - all music. From rock and rap to country and pop, if you listen to it, I'll write about it. 329
Where My Poems Go Poetry & Prose 308
Millennial Poets Poetry for Millennials. Read Poetry, Quench Your Angst 302
Freelance Writing Zone Make money as a freelance writer. Become a better writer. Learn how to market yourself and your services. Build a thriving freelance business and LIVE the dream! 301
London Literary Review Literary magazine covering the most insightful new fiction and criticism. Based in London but read around the globe. To submit a story or write for LLR get in touch. 288
Freelance Filter Software, Apps, & Resources to help writers and other creatives do business online better. 283
Sapere Aude Incipe Sapere Aude means Dare To Be Wise. This publication is a place for individual thinkers where ideas are free to be discussed, criticized and debated. We all feel lost in life sometimes and want to know more about ourselves and the world. Let’s find the answers together. 279
The Purple Pen This publication for people who love reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. 277
40 Fathoms Deep dives into humor, politics, ideas, essays and mysteries. 277
A Mind Interrupted A place to share life stories, and stories that just don’t seem to have a home. 276