Publications tagged `WRITING`
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Master the Mechanics of The Writing Life Do you want to write a book? I’ll show you how to master the basics and beyond. I’m a published author and essayist. I wrote my first poem when I was six and I haven’t been able to shut up since. 139
Mental Gecko The various ways we cope with an increasingly complex and chaotic world. Topics included are psychology, positive psychology and mental health, writing and writing advice, fiction, poetry, maintaining a positive mindset and humor. 134
The Purple Pen This publication for people who love reading and those who love writing. Poetry/fiction/nonfiction/ and anything else you want. 132
Tom Thoughts My name is Tom. These are my thoughts. 130
With Love, Zach Short(ish) blog posts about creativity, mental health, and the writer’s life. 126
A Better You Stories to help you become a better you — creatively, emotionally, and professionally. 123
Writers’ Blokke The publication for writers and readers to create and read amazing content 117
Journey To Mastery A collection of blog posts by Brian Tan on productivity and self-development. 116
Christopher Oldcorn A writer & journalist curious about the world. Published over one hundred stories in 20+ publications. Hire my curiosity 110
Wild Heart Writers We are wild at heart. We are restless. We are fueled by desire and sustained by art. Our hearts crave beauty and are easily filled with it. We ache for freedom. Our hearts swell in their cages. We have the courage to stitch together the darkness and the light. 105
The Authorpreneur A publication for the Author who does everything. The Authorpreneur will help writers become successful Authorpreneurs by learning everything in the trade. 100
Millennial Poets Poetry for Millennials. Read Poetry, Quench Your Angst 100
Remarkable Movies and their stories . . . 99
Immersed in Verse Eclectic poetry. 93
The Nonconformist Magazine The sharpest stories and perspectives around. We write about books, without compromise. For nonconformists only. 91