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The Second Act Changing Careers, Changing Relationships, Changing Your Life. 178
Dallas Design Sprints I train individuals, teams and companies on how to effectively use the design sprint process. I also enjoy highlighting other professionals and practitioners in the field, and feature their stories here on Medium. 176
Giulia Listo Brazilian poet daring to write beyond my own bell jar. 176
GMWP: Greater Madison Writing Project Teacher as Artist, Teacher as Researcher, Teacher as Writer, Teacher as Teacher of Writing 174
The Everyday Writer Writing Tips for all writers regardless of experience. 171
Tom Thoughts Writer | Indie Author | Amateur Human 168
GREEN ZINE GREEN ZINE contributors are volunteers amplifying their voices on environmental and social justice issues. Views expressed may or may not represent the voice, opinions, or policy stances of Greenpeace. Instead, writing on GREEN ZINE reflects the creative brains of individuals. 167
Barking Mad Conversation-starters about sex, relationships, family & more from Donna Barker 166
The full time writer For all those who have the dream to make a living from writing and for those who have already achieved it. 159
Wise Woman Within As women, when we enter our later years we have such glorious possibilities! We have an opportunity to heal, forgive, make peace, explore, dream, lighten up, become open and curious about where we’ve been and where we’re going. The wise woman within will be our guide. 158
Pragmatic Life Adventures in Learning, Life, and Happiness 152
Any Writers Writing about anything 150
Write Before Lunch Writing about writing 148
Freelance Filter Software, Apps, & Resources to help writers and other creatives do business online better. 146
The Prototype Year An experiment in becoming better — documented over one story at a time. A publication by Aphinya Dechalert. 142