Publications tagged `HISTORY`
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The Realm of Color An exploration of color theory and art history. 65
The Case for the 1619 Project Learn about the 1619 Project & share what you learn 65
Marvels of the Past The fascinating side of the past 64
Our Story on Earth A Story Series of Science, History, Religion, Money, and More. 62
A Murder Runs Through It A collection of writings about people who are both near or simply proximate who have left this world as a result of murder 60
Arizona’s Dark Side A collection of horror stories, urban legends, and the occult from Arizona’s unexamined past. 57
History in Context History in Context is a publication about our history, written by everyone with an interesting story to tell. Medium needs more Historical and Cultural publication and that’s our objective. 56
History Through the Lens Photographers are the ones who allow us to go back in time in the visual sense. They help to tell the history of our world through pictures. These are their stories. 54
nannie plants nannie plants is a small organic nursery in Taos, New Mexico. Here I occasionally post gardening tips and the history of our crops. 53
Weird History All about weird and less-known parts of history 52
Kühner Kommentar an Amerika A frank, independent, and courageous look at my German-American heritage, history, and current events with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears. 51
Traveling through History A publication focused on presenting individuals, locations, objects, and events from history to encourage knowledge of our shared past. 49
Technology: Past Present, and Future A publication looking at the history and progress of technology. 48
Meaning of the Method Stories investigating the sciences 46