Publications tagged `HISTORY`
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The History Geek Understanding Past and Present 42
Project 500 Years Helena Cobban looks at seminal developments in world history, from 1415 till today, with periodic musings on what it all means. 42
Deru Kugi Immovable Object 41
Chocolate Nuisance The truth doesn’t always provide a solution, but it does require that we contend with its contents for a solution to emerge. May my words provide truth whereby we can contend. 40
The History Magazine The History Magazine gives writers to write and explore History at its best. The objective is to give insight into the marvelous History. 40
Pittsburgh Boomeranger Curiosity led me around the world and back again. Join me as I offer a fresh perspective on a city close to my heart. 38 From the Big Bang today, blogs on science, history and nature. 38
Damn Interesting Science, History & Psychology since 2005 35
The Coastline is Quiet A personal blog for my thoughts on music, video games, books, podcasts, history, and anything else I feel motivated to share. 35
Taxis A Magazine of History and Ideas 33
Black Paris: How African Americans in Paris Changed the World How African Americans in Paris (Re)Invented Revolution, Freedom, Art, Dance, Music, Literature, Romance, and the Future - from Sally Hemings to Barrack Obama 32
The Story in History Stories in history worth telling and we are honored to be your storytellers 32
Quatrian Folkways Legends, Folklore, and History of Ancient Quatria and the Pantarctican Diaspora 31
Vinia Magazine A weekly magazine dedicated to all things wine 30
Chaos and Art Chaos and Art is the place to share inner ramblings and celebrate the masterful poets of the past. 29