Publications tagged `CREATIVITY`
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Inspired Education Inspired Education is a Medium notebook for sharing ideas & stories about teaching, learning, creativity, and education 58
Paintgun Hacking social ads for record-breaking mobile acquisition 57
GlimpseCollective The Glimpse Collective 56
Moonpig Tech Blog Learn about how we use technology, lean and agile practices to succeed in the online personalisation market whilst moving at supersonic speed. 56
Midnight Thoughts A collection of poems/stories about life, love & creativity. 54
The Creative Machine Ideas on data-driven creativity, building a creative team, or your creative career—written by Adam Morgan. To learn more about his book and writing, visit 53
The Molten Mind Space Creativity, art, writing, cross-discipline and cross-genre ideas are all welcome here! 53
The Heartstrings With all the sensationalism of negative press, we hope to bring attention to the good in the world. We want stories that show people at their best, not their worst. 53
Joy Collective Create. Redeem. Destroy. | Joy Collective exists to engage the world with a comprehensive biblical worldview expressed in excellent creative works motivated by joy. 52
Creative Creature Inspired by animals, Creative Creature is a guide of tools to practice creativity. From those who crawl to those who wag a tail, there is much to learn about how to be creative humans from our neighbor creatures and ecosystems on earth. #design #creativity #biomimicry #animals 52
Em Dash daily blog for an average writer. 52
Find Your Original Stories, insight and opinion on everything Art / Culture / Innovation / Creative. Celebrating creativity in all its forms. 51
Lavender & Minted Design and Stories 47
Wednesday Genius Mindset, strategies, and tactics to turn your website and talents into a business 46
Sky Blue Muse Self-Awareness | Pragmatic Idealism | Purposeful Living | Minimalist Creativity | Metaphysical Poetry 44