Publications tagged `CREATIVITY`
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Monadnock Underground A Journal of Thought and Spirit 44
Fifty Claps Because your story is that dope! 44
Creative AI Essays on creativity in artificial intelligence 44
Brain Fuel Brain Fuel is the fastest, easiest and funniest brainstorming method to help you solve problems and find opportunities. 43
The Writer’s Woodshed Woodshedding, (noun): prolonged private practice of a creative art, especially in developing the technical skills required for unfettered expression and performance. 42
The Writer’s Sanctuary Publication Write. Grow. Inspire. 41
Social Soundtrack The Social Soundtrack publication exists to highlight and celebrate Black creatives and their stories. 39
Prolific Anthology Helping you live a creative & artistic life. 38
Mark Dalton Photography. Technology. Social Media. Opinion. 36
The Maths and Magic Of Being Human A Collection of Answers To The Maths Questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had 36
Dare to Dream Some of us refuse to settle for an ordinary life. We Dare to Dream of living a life we truly love by striving to put a dent in the universe. We are the dreamers. These are the stories of our universal human journey. 36
creaffective Innovationsberatung aus München 35
Alex Tucker Digital Digital marketing and writing articles with a strong awareness of wellness, community, and mental health. 35
BCW Global BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) is a new kind communications agency. Our business is moving people. We inspire action and make connections for clients worldwide. 34
Grey Sky Days From the soul, for the soul. Articles on Mental health, creativity, introversion & self-employment. 34