Publications tagged `SCIENCE`
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Science Uncovered Articles and excerpts from Oxford University Press that lift the lid on science, technology, and innovation. 280
Phase Change News, Stories, and Insights from Cyclotron Road 278
Asparagus Magazine Asparagus tells the large and small stories of how we can live sustainably, from an environmental, social, and cultural perspective. 269
Explosion of Awareness Illustrated essays presenting a new space philosophy for the 21st Century. Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey with excerpts from Barry Vacker's epic book "Specter of the Monolith." Though the essays date from 2017, the "Explosion of Awareness" page was started in July, 2018. 244 Stories about biomedical technologies which could increase healthy human lifespan. We focus on healthspan, longevity, rejuvenation biotechnology, regenerative medicine, and life extension. 243
Not Kale Salad Mediums’ source for evidence-based nutrition. 232
High-Definition Pro Multimedia, Imaging, Audio and Broadcast Technology 229
Future Positive Advanced technologies to solve global needs 223
IndraStra Global Geopolitics | Business | Technology 222
Tranquillity’s Secret A Book About Using Inner Spontaneous Sound To Manifest Great Responsiveness (Mahākarunā) 218
Medical Myths and Models Probing medical paradigms to augment our understanding of health and disease 201
Look Upwards A blog about the strangest astronomical objects in the universe. 196
The Creative Mind Articles on The Art & Science of Creative Expression. Learn how to nurture and maintain your creative abilities with science backed articles and personal essays on creativity 194
The Sensible Soapbox We strive to produce content that provokes conversation of a political/social nature. Our goal is to increase insight and understanding in our communities. 191
Pluto Network Breaking down barriers in Academia | #Decentralization #OpenScience #Transparency | Seoul, South Korea 190