Publications tagged `SCIENCE`
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Asgardia Space Nation Join today on Asgardia.Space 183
Impact Economics Our Goal is to Make Economics Understandable and Relevent 167
Keele University №1 in England for Course Satisfaction (The Guardian, 2019) and TEF Gold. Britain's largest single-site campus. Many, many squirrels. 161
Flux Magazine Where Philosophy Happens 159
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Science news, opinions, and culture from PNAS. Visit us at 155
Awake & Alive Mind The science of consciousness 151
Environmental Science Department Scientists at the Conservancy have an active research agenda aimed at enhancing our understanding of ecosystems and associated wildlife in Southwest Florida. 150
Sharing Science Observations and analysis from a Silicon Valley microbiome scientist on bacteria, biotech, and scientific career development in the startup world. 138
Lotus Fruit The gateway to the clandestine corners of the internet. Insights on the manifestations of technology+security, innovation+science, art+philosophy, where humans fit into the equation, and how it shapes our future. 138
preg U The smart girl’s guide to pregnancy and parenting. A publication by @Bloom_life 131
Microbial Instincts Decoding the microbial angle to health. 128
We Learn, We Grow We Learn, We Grow is a collection of critical essays and articles by Jaya Ramchandani, a lifelong learner, teacher, entrepreneur, and curator. She writes on #learning #science #philosophy #society #knowledge #natureculture and their intersections. Reach at 123
Knowable Magazine The real-world significance of scholarly work, with forays into wonder and awe. A journalistic endeavor from nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews. 122
Comprehensive Impacts of the Trump Administration A comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the Trump administration in 19 categories, or articles, per year in office. Follow to be alerted when new articles in this series are published. And follow on Facebook at 121
I LOVE PODCASTS The best podcasts, arranged and explained 113