Publications tagged `SCIENCE`
Name Followers
Evolution and Us Exploring the Human Experience Through the Lens of Evolution 56
The Xylom™ All scientists are humans. Humans tell stories. The Xylom is the place for scientists to tell their stories. 55
The Reality Project Becoming less wrong about the world with data 52
FractaLife A non-linear space of fractal branches and connections, chaos, complexity, art, life, learning, and everything else. 51
arinti Arinti creates innovative AI solutions with Microsoft AI— 49
ubcscience Focus: Stories from the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia 48
sciencediplomacy AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy 47
Meaning of the Method Stories investigating the sciences 46
Science of Minds Discover the Science of Minds: Cutting-edge insights from neuroscience and psychology. 45
Explore the Limits Exploring the limits of human potential — through science, philosophy and experience 42
Roaming Physicist Exploring how choosing the right location for experiments can pave the way for amazing physics around the globe 41
Futurist One A personal publication 40
ozarde Design, IoT, AI, Metaphysics, Vedanta, Upanishads, Yoga, Sanskrit, Science, History, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Consciousness, Quantum, Physics 39
FFT — Food For Thought All things food, health, nutrition, and wellness 39
The Happiness Quest An exploration of the nature of happiness, what contributes to it, and the human desire to achieve it. 38