Publications tagged `STORYTELLING`
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Storius Magazine STORIUS is an online magazine about the art, craft, and business of storytelling. Featuring perspectives of professional and emerging authors, filmmakers, and other creators, it delivers a rich mix of storytelling facts, news, and techniques to its readers. 134
Weeds & Wildflowers Stories of Dennett (Wildflower) & Ben (Weed) & Our Guests 126
Lift You Warm stories lit in a human spiritual glow to make you see the world afresh. 71
Product MK Your source of inspiration for product marketing 66
The Xylom™ All scientists are humans. Humans tell stories. The Xylom is the place for scientists to tell their stories. 53
Narrative — from linear media to interactive media Analysis, reflections and resources on storytelling challenges in a multiplatform context 53
The Cryptofolk Movement A new way of storytelling — Saving the obscure from oblivion using multimedia 47
Rinzin In the process of finding my writer’s voice. 39
A More Perfect Story To build a fairer, more inclusive America, we must tell powerful stories. Because stories change people. And people make change. 37
Love First A Mindset For The Future 34
Story Of The Week Everyone’s Favorite Fiction Pub. Your dose of once upon a time, once a week. 33
THE RELEVANCE HOUSE. We help you building, designing & delivering a relevant brand & story. Because only relevance has impact. 31 A Content Blog That's All About Passion and Proactivity. Explore articles ranging from business and entrepreneurship to storytelling and self-growth. 29
TheFaceless A collection of stories about the people, places and events that have shaped the lives of women across the country. From moments of empowerment to the times when their bodies stop belonging to them, these are the stories of faceless women who make up a generation. 26
oddBS Unique voices on film, television, books and the writing process 26