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How Pants Work Inseamly humor. 40,821
Farewell Alarms Leave the alarm clock behind and just go. 677
The Television Project: 100 Favorite Shows Over the course of 100 days, I will publish 100 essays on my favorite television series of all-time. And yes, in classic Dave Wheelroute fashion, they will be ranked! I also wrote a book entitled Paradigms as a Second Language. You can reach me at! 43
Android Playground Here I will share my experience and challenges that I faced with Android Applications. I will share sample codes, Github Repositories and other material about Android Applications. 17
theTEN. Curious lists made for curious minds. 13
For the Love of Lists If there’s a list to be made of something, I’m gonna make it. 11
Blisticle Finding your bliss through the world’s best lists 7
Medusa’s Musings If I’m staring I’m probably turning you into paper and ink or this medium thing. Lists and stories and random stuff… 4
Michelle’s List Michelle’s List explores the best, worst, weirdest, and most helpful aspects of self-improvement and productivity 3
The Book Gossiper The latest book and author news, reading recommendations and booklist paradise. As an Amazon Associate, The Book Gossiper earns from qualifying purchases. 1