Publications tagged `DESIGN THINKING`
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Var City UW Empowering the University of Washington’s Computer Science, Informatics and Human-Centered Design community 21
Field Notes on Food Culture Connecting the dots for a better food culture across society, industry, communication, built environment and the living world. 20
Classy Creative Team Stories about designing with passion and purpose for social good. 20
Artscientist Digital design philosophy: essays on and experiments in the art and science of user experience design 17
Megan Leanne My UX Design Portfolio 14
Code Works Code Works is a digital product studio focused on building cool stuff. 13
Design4Chain Designing the decentralized business of the future. 12
Integral Design Design has become the poster boy of business. Design thinking, a small piece of the puzzle, is taking over boardroom discussions as companies grapple with the digital consumer. Here is a place you can rely on to give you a holistic view of design to straddle design dimensions. 12
Better By __ At The Office of Experience, we believe the experience is the brand®. The best brand experiences are better by design. But they’re also better by strategy, technology, and message. Better By explores the ways in which the world around us made better by design. 12
Twyla AI Twyla is pushing forward the thinking of Conversation Design by challenging established concepts and setting new ones. We don’t build Chatbots, We design Conversations. 12
The Uxer Review UX case studies, reviews, analysis — the good and the bad. What we love and why we love. 12
iZotope Design from the design team at iZotope 9
828 Design 828 Design is about exploring what drives us to reach our creative potential and how we might engage the hearts of our customers through our businesses. Let’s connect at 9
Nous Group #ThinkDesign series These articles explore the opportunities and challenges when using design methods to solve the knottiest of policy problems. 8
PebbleRoad Our field notes on digital transformation. 7