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notallbad. We are a team of designers, researchers, and IT consultants with years-long experience and many happy clients around the world, commited to offer high-quality services, and help companies of any size shape valuable, feasible and delightful experiences for their customers. 1
The Digital Pragmatist A collection of short, sharp and practical content that helps teams better solve human-centred, digital problems. From the brains of Becky and Ollie at 1
See Context How do you become something you don’t see? See Context is a manifestation of this simple, yet powerful question. It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves. 1
Cheerfully Solved BY Design A collection of case studies with a focus on problem-solving, design, experiences and making a positive impact :) 1
Digital Ideas Stories about future, artificial intelligence, technology-driven economics, design and thinking. 1
We Blog Syndicated articles from The Side Blogger at 0
UXology Anthology of thoughts, learnings and reflections about my journey as UX Designer 0
FTB Social Strategy and Design agency 0
Jumana Design A healthcare service design and product strategy firm that aims to impact global health outcomes through design: 0
wkshp workshop is an organization. It’s core tenets are creativity, anonymity, and multidisciplinary collaboration. These tenets applied toward the goal of positive outcomes for the general lived experience. 0
U AND X I help startups by creating websites and apps that their audience loves 0
Design Team Insights Our Design thoughts and success stories. 0
Lost in White Space Exploring topics surrounding UX, web design, design principles and stragies 0
MindFull Design A UX and graphic designer with a mind full of design solutions 0
inesvaledesign I’m Inês, a Service & Product Designer and I will help transform your business and conquer your goals. 0