Publications tagged `SELF`
Name Followers
Audistories My Life in Lyrics 0
Scaling Down Writing about the ups and downs of weight loss 0
Paw Print A publication about the pets that love us 0
Northwesterly Personal essays and memoir by Kitty Ireland 0
Don’t Overthink It Don’t overthink it. 0
THE S.A.L.T ARCHIVES A multimedium zine-esque archive that subverts the conventional notions of time travel and the importance of maintaining the status quo. 0
A Balanced Life Stories and tips about resting our minds, resetting, and finding balance in our lives. 0
Veritas et Libertas A place for deep and thoughtful ideas for those who are intensely curious about themselves and the world. Primarily at the intersection of philosophy, literature, spirituality, and inner healing. But with some rambles into other subjects, for ultimately everything is connected. 0
VoiceHeard Everyone has a story to share. What will you say? 0
The Daily Introvert Exploring the introvert’s life through personal stories and science-backed essays. 0
The Perception Taking life one day at a time 0
The psychic dose The psychic dose community shares insights about the unexplained things that runs in our minds. 0
Ideas at Work A publication to share ideas about life, work, success and self-improvement 0
On Some Thought A publication on the interaction between business, society, and self. This can include multi-national corporations and entrepreneurial efforts, prominent world leaders and social media influencers, and your own personal experience or reflection on the subject. 0
Upward Spiral The ups, downs, and come-back-around's of building mental wealth. 0