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Friends of Ours An independent strategy and design studio. We aim to be an exemplary launchpad of responsible, for-profit, positive impact-driven companies. To raise the standard in design, in creating genuine connections and producing meaningful content 0
The Beginner’s Guide I write things we know from different aspects. You can’t go beyond knowing the beginner level 0
My Boyfriend At The Time My Boyfriend At The Time is a collection of short stories to honour past encounters and relationships that didn’t make it, but did make us who we are today. Send your submission to 0
Shane’s Brain Shane’s Brain publication is about tech, money, travel, and anything else that piques my interest. 0
Are You Happy? Happiness has never had a spotlight quite like this. Filmmaker, Atdhe Trepca travels the world and asks strangers if they’re happy in this docu-series that bolsters 10 million views a month, 10,000 new subscribers a day, and over 2M international followers on social media. 0