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Ask Connoisseur Advancing Art Research and enhancing Art Market experience with the power of Artificial Intelligence | 7
AI and the Future of Work Keeping you informed on the latest news in the world of HR emerging technology and how AI is impacting the Future of Work. 5
Truncated Knowledge Made Simple. A look at everything from emerging technology to startups and token economies. Website coming soon. 5
GoodVision Collecting traffic data from camera recordings through Artificial Intelligence 4
Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University The Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University is ranked as #1 research institution in the world for AI and machine learning research. Our faculty are world renowned in the field, and constantly honored on their work. 3
WattzOn We built a machine learning system. It gave us an interesting perspective on technology, markets and value 3
convergeML converging to all things ML 3
iSrajan A blog on Data Science and Machine Learning. Follow the blog to become a part of the iSrajan community. 3
AlumnAI Academy Providing ingenious learning experiences on Emerging Technologies, to produce elite talent at scale. 2
When Machines Learn A blog to share research and work in applying machine learning in heavy industry. Focus includes asset management and process optimization. 0