Name Followers
doingai Supporting your journey to master artificial intelligence 2
Upstride Discover stories on Upstride’s journey and analyses of different members of the team on technical, managerial and business challenges we encounter during the development of our company. 2
Ludwig AI A magazine collecting articles about Ludwig, the code-free deep learning toolbox 2
Knowledge Gurukul Discussion on Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, AI, AWS, Cloud Solution. 2
Data Science in simple words Your guide for Data Science : Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision… 2
aiforexistence Making AI accessible, creating Intelligent Agents. 2
Volant AI Get AI models from our marketplace, hassle-free. Whether you’re a hacker, kaggle competitor or enhancing your company’s products, we make it easy to use crowdsourced high-performing models 2
InFinnance Financial and business news presented by Hennii 2
Machine Learning & Data Analytics A blog presenting AI/Machine Learning & Data Analytics guides 2
S.T.O.P. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project 1
AI4CX Exploring the ways that artificial intelligence is advancing superior customer experiences — impacting businesses, consumers, and society at large. 1
The Interlock Reporting the Future of Safety Critical Technology. 1
Sentient Artifact The conscious self and the first conscious AI 1
SourceryAI Sourcery is a new tool that uses AI to suggest refactorings as you code. Write better code, faster. 1
re-HOOP*PER-rate Random digressions in machine learning and basketball 1