Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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CP Massive Programming Online Bootcamp about Software Development: Principles, Patterns, Object Composition, Inheritance, TypeScript, and Angular 10
Programming For Beginners Advice, concepts and tutorials for beginners in programming 10
ZRP Techblog ZRP is a technology consultancy company based on Sao Paulo. Our publication is about what inspires us, the problems we’ve facing in technology, and ideas we think are worth spreading. 9
WizPanda Passionate about technology and are driven by client success 9
Fabrit Global Drive innovation through custom software 9
Tech Inbox All things tech, software, and coding 9
Adaptabi Software Innovators Happy Together 9
Perfsys Voice of Perfect Systems 8
Liki Blog A blog created by Liki team members with heart. That’s our space for developers, graphic designers, IT engineers and other specialists to share tech news on software development, mobile&web applications, product design, and other issues. 8
Gravitywell UK Let’s talk about tech, baby 8
Dev Ghost Stories I’m a simple blog. I talk about code, and real-life pain. I should be read with a cup of coffee, I don’t mind tea as well. 8
Coding becomes easy You will learn the best software engineering practices like design patterns that change the way of coding, Top data structures and algorithm questions for coding interviews, Multithreading concepts for experienced developers for seamless multithreaded application building. 8
Gavant Software Gavant Software is a custom software development firm that helps companies modernize and transform their business. Accelerate your software project by hiring the right team. 8 Mintbean offers free mentorship to software developers through its workshops, clubs and world-famous learnathons. 8
Landria An in-depth look at what makes companies collaborate successfully 7