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Adobe Tech Blog News, updates, and thoughts related to Adobe, developers, and technology. 5,076
Storyblocks Product & Engineering How Storyblocks successfully managed the transition from a single developer to Product & Engineering teams of over 25 and growing 4,301
tech-at-instacart Instacart Engineering 4,286
SoftwareMill Tech Blog Custom software development; architecture, Scala, Akka, Kafka, blockchain consulting. Distributed systems & backends, APIs. *The* partner to execute your idea! ➡️ 4,167
OmarElgabry's Blog This is my freedom area. Don't underestimate it. The devil is in the detail. 4,071
Glitch The friendly community where everyone can discover & create the best stuff on the web. 4,011
The Renaissance Developer Stories & Experiences from a Software Engineer 3,843
Humane Tech There are people making tech who are positive, ambitious, thoughtful, inclusive, curious, empathetic and self-aware. They’re going to win. 3,836
Hackers and Slackers Community of hackers obsessed with data science, data engineering, and analysis. Openly pushing a pro-robot agenda. 2,946
Outco A publication focused on advancing software engineering careers. 2,917
Coding Blocks Daily Tidbits on Android, Javascript and Machine Learning 2,674
Crowdbotics The fastest way to build your next app. 2,540
Sourcerer Blog All the work that a SWE does is largely forgotten after said feature, product, or fix has been released. We are a small group of software engineers who believe that this should not be the case. We believe an engineer's work can tell a story and so created 2,334
The Code Review Programming tutorials for web and software developers. Also at 2,158
Atheros Everything you need to know about building AI products. 1,935