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Beyond Light Creations Sharing tech content for both developers and non-developers. Content includes opinion pieces, how-to articles, consulting advice, and code tutorials. We are a software design company that helps companies strategize and engineer new technology products for market launch. 0
Work In Programming What’s it actually like working on a product team in tech? Each episode, Matthew interviews folks from all facets of the tech industry. We’ll be interviewing developers, product managers, scrum masters, and managers what their day to day is like, what practices keep their team r 0
EndQuotes Strings of Logic 0 Java, Spring and Software Architecture 0
Software Engineering Consulting Explore from technical technology specific stories, to IT industry consulting and softskiling topics 0
Software Outsourcing Romania Romania’s growing technology sector has reached a level of complexity that’s hard to navigate. Our mission is to lift innovative voices and bring them into the spotlights. 0
Embrace-It embrace-it is an expanding danish management consultancy house and software development partner with 180+ highly skilled specialists and developers based in denmark, vietnam and pakistan. 0
Python Blog Python programming tips, articles about the Python ecosystem, everything about Python 0
Bebensee IT Bebensee IT GmbH develops IT solutions for companies with a focus on software development, cloud and artificial intelligence. 0 Musings on engineering and ai from 0
The Junior Developer Handbook A medium publication focused on helping out juniors and graduates who are just starting out with the non-technical aspects. 0