Publications tagged `SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT`
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Technology Today Tutorials on software development, analytics, web and mobile development, SEO, and other technology related tutorials 4
ArgonLabs Developing the next Generation of Digital Products and goals to provide Trainings and organize Gaming Events! 4
Dev Proto News, articles, and knowledge bank for software developers 4
Black Coffee Robotics Articles on robot autonomy, software development and related technologies 4
Vivoka Vivoka is a software publisher able to design voice interfaces for any types of systems. 4
Courisity is a Drug Insights and thoughts of a curious programmer 4
Techstack Ltd. Techstack is a full-stack software development company with vast experience in providing technology solutions to companies of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. 4
getmayon Mayon Technology Solutions OÜ is an Information Technology Solutions Provider catering across a wide range of services such as AR/VR Solutions Development, UI and UX Design, Software Solutions, Design & Branding, Mobile and Web App Development services. 4
Sempiler Sempiler lets you run your code natively, without frameworks or virtual machines. 3 We believe quality is more than compliance, it’s a mindset. Read the Behind the Scenes as we build the hub for Quality 4.0 3
BitSmiths BitSmiths is a software development agency with HQ in london and office in Romania. We build websites, web apps, and mobile apps with a focus on quality of servce ad quality of product. We’d like to share our views, whilst building this company, with the rest of the world. 3
NickOnSoftware Thoughts and Wisdom on Software Development from Nick Hodges 3
The Smyth Group The Smyth Group was born after volunteering together on relief projects in New Orleans following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Today, we’re a team of American-based developers and designers who focus on bringing our clients’ ideas to life. 3
Lari Maza | En All my English articles in one place. Veja /larimaza-pt para artigos em português. 3
From the Stage to the Screen An actor’s journey into the world of code 3