Publications tagged `HEALING`
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Pain Talks Stories that share the lived experience of chronic pain opens up the dark space that people living with it experience. This is a collection of stories of resilient action, thoughtful questioning and defiant resistance to the daily challenges that pain brings. 828
Writing Heals This publication was created as a place for writers to share stories about writing as a healing practice. Writing has proven to help heal the mind/body and spirit. We accept submissions from writers who focus on the importance of writing in their lives. 388
Messy Mind The truths we uncover when examining our mental health sometimes surprise us; sometimes they break our hearts; often, they change our lives. 113
Energy Turtle Expressions My short fiction, thoughts, musings, ponderings. Yoga, dance, mental health, feminism. 84
Know Your Body How your body works, how it heals, and how you can help. 63
Humor! Authenticity! Magic! HAMing it up with Marilyn 30
“You seem fine.” Articles on my mental health journey. Anxiety. Trauma. Inspiration. 26
Keep Running Strong Stories from runners, for runners. How running can change you, break you, and make you better. 16
Trauma Queen Blog This is my personal story of trauma and the path to healing. 6
Identify Her Daily An online publication that tells stories from the voices and perspectives of women about the world around us. 4
Blog. Write.Heal Blogging our way through life and healing from what ails our souls. 2