Writing Heals

This publication was created as a place for writers to share stories about writing as a healing practice. Writing has proven to help heal the mind/body and spirit. We accept submissions from writers who focus on the importance of writing in their lives.

Michelle Monet

Writer. Musician. Seeker. Writing showbiz survival Memoir, daily essays on Medium and Broadway style musical in between spoiling 4 cats. www.michellemonet.com

Greg Prince

Bringing real feelings along with hopeful messages of inspiration and imagination to life.

Latest Posts

Write Like No One is Reading

because they might not be

Desperately Seeking Boredom

Free time is fertile time. Free time is boring time. Boredom is where the good stuff grows.

My Father-In-Law Isn’t My Father-In-Law Anymore

At least, he doesn’t realize he is

Prison pen pals.

Ever wonder why people do it?

Five Different Kinds of Pain

My “pain” friends visit me often.

Writing Down Thoughts and Feelings Clears the Monkey Mind

A daily journal creates distance and objectivity

When Life Seems Like Way Too High A Price.

The Toll Of My Weary Soul.

Don’t Be Afraid To Throw Shit on The Wall

The fun of creativity is to see what sticks.


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