Publications tagged `SOCIAL JUSTICE`
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Capita Ideas Capita is an independent, nonprofit startup ideas lab working at the intersections of research, public policy, social innovation, design, and the arts to ensure that all children and their families flourish. 44
Dear Old People What millennials wish you knew about us. Read an insider's perspective about a generation caught between the crumbling realities of yesterday and the uncertainties of tomorrow. Rebuttals to popular allegations and details on how we are going to change the world. 40
GeoMovements GeoMovements is an independent blog about white supremacy and trolls on social media. 39
Inside & Inward Essays and Anecdotes by Maliha 27
Libertarian-Socialism: American Style Quit the Left/Right War, so you can think more. 19
Real Food Media Stories & strategies to strengthen the food movement that reflect our shared vision of racial, economic, environmental, and food justice. We expose industry spin, bust food myths, and challenge corporate power. 13
Life Changing Games A series about designing games with the power to change behaviour 13
An Injustice! A new publication for millennial minority voices. Raging against the machine and avocados. 13
Heard Poetry Poetry where diverse, collective voices can be heard. 11
Messy Data Exploring power + complexity + creativity in (feminist) data science 9
Matt.Schach idealist and minimalist. personal diary. trying to leave the world a better place. 8
Realists The society as it is, is it really telling the story the way it should? Are we telling the stories the way they ought to be told or are we hiding behind cover? 7
Solidarity Hall Reimagining American community 6
Invisible Ennk You are not invisible. I see you. 6
The Marjorie In a complicated relationship with the Sunshine State. Here to reclaim #FloridaWoman. 5