Publications tagged `MACHINE LEARNING`
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Defend the cyberpool By holding a grain of informaition the coder has a weapon to trigger the action either for cyberdefense or cybercrime. 3
BtechMag Passionate about the latest technologies, we found most online resources provide technical information that is overwhelming, making learners lost in the ocean of technical content. Through, we intend to bring useful news, articles, insights on latest technical trends 3
Genify Genify engineers AI solutions that harness financial data to sublimate user experience. 3
LabelMe |📈| Качественная разметка под ключ |💵| Работа для фрилансеров |⚡️| Тестовый датасет в срок 3 часа |💌| 5 % от заказа за клиента 3
The Code Shelf Well-curated thoughts about different programming paradigms, concepts etc., written with a cup of coffee. 3
Vennify AI We make natural language processing easy for everyone to understand and to use. We focus on explaining state-of-the-art Transformer models like GPT-2 and BERT, while also making tools for these technologies. 3
Data Science Micro This publication will publish brief articles on data science theory, algorithms, tools and applications. 3
riskrate riskrate is a superior 30–90 days Cash forecast for Cash people 3
Optomatica Deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization. 3
Your Data Teacher I’m a teacher of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning 3
CODE + CONTOUR by BFA BFA inspires everyone to express themselves, making beauty accessible for all. Through product innovation, machine learning technology, and a community-first mindset, we democratize beauty by delivering not only a personalized experience but a feeling of an authentic self. 3 Explorium offers a first of its kind end-to-end automated external data platform. Our unique solution automatically connects and integrates the most relevant external data signals out of thousands of sources to optimise and accelerate your ML investment and advanced analytics. 3
PsyAI We are passionate about Psychology and Machine Learning. The blog posts in this publication are the results of our spirited discussions that involve recurring patterns common across both the fields. 2
Show Me The Data Optimistic data science for politics and public policy 2
Kuzok Custom Deep Learning APIs 2