Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Dogs with Buddha Nature Bridging the stars and the gutter: lofty philosophy for the everyday human dirtbag. 0
Emergent Paths “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” — Max Planck 0
Socratic Vision Another stand point, another sight into the Univers 0
The Bulwer Society The Bulwer Society is a publication founded in 2019. Our aim is to publish ideas and analysis that spur in the development of a just society 0
A Better Fit. The hows and whys of fitness. 0
The Autodidact’s Journal The journey of a person attempting the bold task of educating themself. 0
Primal School Articles about personal thriving, authentic freedom and living with soul in challenging times. 0
Mixed Musings: Ancient Music, Philosophy & Modern Wisdom Research insights and new evidence about the ancient Art of the Muses (music, poetry, drama&dance), ethics and our modern quest for meaning. Brought to you by the Arion Society 0
Revolution and Change A discussion on revolution and change throughout the course of history, and how they affect 0
J. Sommer Focus on the ideas 0
My 52 problems This is my answer to a #Write52 initiative which main aim is to write one blog post every week for a year. The theme of my 52 stories is the “Impact of modern technology on our lives”. 0
devs humans and technology 0
Analyzing Life Philosophy made simple. 0
J. Sommer Clinical psych student writing and recording audiobooks. 0
Live, Love, Learn Thoughts about life, love, and learning by Ryan Dimalanta 0