Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
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Connecting the Dots What is a mind and how will it change and evolve? Notes on psychology, neuroscience, tech, philosophy and more. 1,750
Interfaith Now Stories about faith, spirituality, and religion to bridge gaps, expand perspectives, and unify humanity. 1,522
Modern Mythology Modern Mythology is interdisciplinary web journal: an open platform for forward-thinking, even at times iconoclastic work, both online, and in the form of anthologies produced in partnership with a variety of publishers. 1,490
Rebel Wisdom The intellect in service to embodied wisdom 1,406
Antidotes for Chimps Using psychology and philosophy to become better apes 1,303
For the New Christian Intellectual Ideas Matter - Help restore the mind in Christian life 689
Soul & Sea Poetry of the mystics 630
buZZrobot Artificial Intelligence for Human Intelligence 623
ILLUMINATION-Curated Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 38 senior editors on ILLUMINATION 620
Amor Mundi A Selection from The Hannah Arendt Center’s Weekly Newsletter 594
Science and Philosophy Medium’s center for scientifically-informed content. 542
Flux Magazine Where Philosophy Happens 451
Intellectual Explorers Club Our mission is to promote the exploration of thought which expands and challenges our current map of reality. 359
Amalgamate Psychology, philosophy, science and where they intersect. 342
Lotus Fruit The gateway to the clandestine corners of the internet. Insights on the manifestations of technology+security, innovation+science, art+philosophy, where humans fit into the equation, and how it shapes our future. 336