Publications tagged `HEALTHCARE`
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Steady Health A modern clinic for personalized and convenient diabetes care. Our mission is to personalize diabetes care using technology and data analysis. 96
Medicus AI Medicus AI is an innovative technology company that helps people understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way. 96
Mental Health Day A place for us to work out what we are thinking, feeling, or doing on bad days. 95
helixcentre Helix Centre is an innovation lab working at the heart of healthcare. We translate research into products that improve health outcomes. We are part of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, and based in St Mary's Hospital, London. 84
Think. Improve. Change. A blog from Macmillan Cancer Support's team of researchers, policy analysts and public affairs experts. 82
Silibrain Shared thoughts, ideas, opinions, research, tips, and more from innovative & passionate people trying to fix the world's problems through the use of technology! 82
Building Better Healthcare Collective Health’s Product Development Blog 63
Invitae A genetics company 61
Engineering, Product and Design at AMBOSS Empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care. 61
Koa Health Koa Health 56
Feel. Heal. Share. Patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals coming together to share their personal stories, experiences, and empowering information. Support and inspire each other as we journey on to better health. 51
Morozko Method The Science and Experience of Antifragile Biohacking 51
The Front Lines Insights, stories, and perspectives from front-line professionals. 49
The Data Science Pharmacist Pharmacists with data skills are the future of our profession. We must make sure that pharmacists are at the table as the future of healthcare is created. Beginner or data-fluent, join us to help shape our profession! 48
Stanford Pain Medicine Medical and health news and insights from the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine 47