Publications tagged `HEALTHCARE`
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Maeflowers A personal publication to share stories on the myriad topics in the realm of health and medical science. 1
Jumana Design A healthcare service design and product strategy firm that aims to impact global health outcomes through design: 0
zaya Creating a global movement to transform the future of healthcare delivery. See what we’re up to at 0
Our Broad Reach Our 2020 publication focuses on how we’re extending our reach, whether through recent advances in treating a variety of diseases, or different approaches to the practice of medicine, or the diverse faces of medicine at Stanford. 0
Health Paradise Healthy discission 0
vitalxchange We connect you with health experts that can give help! Our free app lets youtalk to qualified experts, therapists, peers & join a caring community of members like you. Now serving parents of children with autism & special needs. Never feel alone or confused again on Vitalxchange. 0
Applications of Machine Learning The authors of this publications are students at IIIT Delhi. They are passionate computer science learners having a keen interest in software development and data science. -1