Publications tagged `HEALTHCARE`
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Fair Care Project Challenge The Status Quo Of Healthcare 3
The Health Verse Two women shifting the paradigms of pharmacy, care and accessibility one topic at the time 3
KCR Spotlight Series This series will feature blog submissions from a variety of KCR leaders on industry news, hot topics and all things clinical research. 3
Talking Art and Health This publication is where we, our collaborators, and partners collect and share knowledge on the intersection between design, art, and health. 3
To Err Is Healthcare All is not well in the United States healthcare industry. 2
Building Trust and Adoption in Machine Learning in Healthcare A Medium publication from @HarryCGoldberg on ML in healthcare 2
Inaji Industries We are an Indian-owned health technology company. We build innovative, patient-centered, provider-focused solutions for our communities. 2
Arine Ensuring patients are on the safest and most effective medications for their conditions 2
Digital health A place to read, share, and create stories related to the digital health 2
sofi stories A community dedicated to exploring the connection between people and plants — sharing experiences, insights, and answers with one another as we go. 2
Asthma Life Helping You and Your Loved Ones Live with Asthma 1
IoHB News The future of medicine. 1
Data in All Things Musings about data science, healthcare, and society. 1
Polaris Partners Perspectives Updates and perspective from the team at Polaris Partners, an investment firm with a 20-plus-year history of partnering with repeat entrepreneurs and world-class innovators who are improving the way we live and work. 1
Tech Up Tech Up aims to reveal the bigger picture of our world by making complicated topics easy to understand, often through a narrative lens. Interested in the stretching of minds, Tech Up podcast is here to educate and inspire the thinkers in us. 1