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Let’s Discuss Biz Hundreds of new businesses come up every day, but only a few of them make it to become the masters of the world. On this podcast, we unravel various businesses worldwide (and beyond, hopefully). We take deep dive into what it takes to run a business. 1
Self-Gamifying Business Any business or organization can profit from turning their business processes and workplace into exciting, fun, and also kind and engaging gameful environments. It can be done with the help of the synergy of anthropology (awareness), kaizen (small steps), & gamification (games). 1
These Three Things These Three Things is a publication under The Write Pieces — a creative consultancy at the intersection of business, creativity, and soul. Helping creative entrepreneurs find purpose, tell stories, and impact their communities. 1
Automate Your Life We publish articles that help readers automate the parts of their life they don’t like. Computers give us the ability to automate things. Learn how to harness this power for yourself and get more time in your days. 1
Startup from Standstill Startup from standstill explores starting up something with little to no resources, network, few skills, or even basically no good will from people around. This is not “how to keep doing great and the next thing” advice, but how to start doing anything in the first place. 1
On A Lighter Note A corporate lawyer’s take on pop culture, sports, and entertainment. 1
Discover Success 100% business success stories 0
Mindset List A private gig and a cerebral dancefloor 0
Waseem D. Ezzie Work Sample Portfolio 0
SENT Journal Deep dives on all things social impact. 0
The Catholic Businessman Goal: To help Catholic Professionals realize their faith is not only compatible with their work but the foundation of good business, to motivate them, and to help them truly live their faith. 0
Orsi B Nagy Success is not a matter of chance, it is a matter choice. 0 This is oficial blog of 0
Bit5ive User-friendly cryptocurrency mining & consulting firm for investors & larger entities 0
Working Toward… Being a better human in the workplace and in the world 0