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Consumer Purports Consumer Purports delivers the satirical news you need. Stay up to date on Esohphobee develpoments in the year 2031. Read a 100 word short story on your break. Plus, we give you a reason to look at your phone whenever you need to avoid an awkward situation. 2
Tech & Business Insights A series of tech & business articles by STRV | 2
FiniteSum+ Data Science and Machine Learning Advice for Businesses 1
The Guild Association The Guild Association is an organization that seeks to improve the freelance experience. 1
LineByLine Exploring our interests in programming, innovation, and business- line by line. 1
Scrubbi How we optimize our growth as we march towards being the biggest and best housecleaning service in Canada 1
digiTAX The CEO’s Bible. Helping you navigate through a complex world of changing tax rules directed at digital corporations 1
RealUseCase Real world use cases for Ethereum, blockchain, and cryptoeconomics. 1
Climate Neutral Certified Climate Neutral is on a mission to accelerate climate action by helping companies measure, reduce, then offset their entire carbon footprints and empower consumers to support these brands. 1
Daily Insights Daily Insights on self-improvement, business and science. 1
LifeLawyer Articles on legal topics about business, estate planning, family, and the legal practice itself. 1
Nicolson and Company Helping business leaders gain clarity and focus, so they can achieve more and lead with confidence. 1
Plancraft Almost scientific essays about strategy, planning and general management 1
Think, Act [Repeat] Purposeful action-takers on a mission to reach their goals one step at a time. Featuring topics related to business, productivity, relationships, time management, finances, and so much more. 1
Digital Marketing Simplified Digital Marketing for Beginners. (Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing) 1