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All Things Discover new thoughts in tech, culture, feminism, politics, and more. 0
Gazettely In Gazettely we write about different trending topics, stay tuned for some cool stuff. 0
New Trending Music, Money, Business & Relationships — For Those That Have Been There & Done That 0
On Some Thought A publication on the interaction between business, society, and self. This can include multi-national corporations and entrepreneurial efforts, prominent world leaders and social media influencers, and your own personal experience or reflection on the subject. 0
The Writing Pool A place where a writer plays with words and sentences infinitely. The readers get into the pool of blogging, photography, business, freelance and writing stuff which are already marinated with writer’s expression and word skills as well. 0
The Flying Moose Aviation-related events in business and history, chiefly from a Canadian perspective. We strive to be the definitive source for aviation content in Canada. Follow for new articles every two weeks! 0
CoSign with Idea Trust Articles to help build more nuanced, positive, and BIPOC-centric narratives that empower consumers and challenge the way we do business. 0
The Lobbyist A publication focused on developing businesses. 0
Corporatery Corporatery helps techies and analysts understand the irrational world we work in and helps leaders reduce corporate theater in their organizations 0
Long Pressed Welcome to Long Pressed, a publication where I explore the design and decision making challenges of modern business. Each week we highlight and discuss patterns that I’ve published on 0
Business Mind Cafe Relevant if you are a round pegs in the square hole. Knowledge is power, so is common sense! 0