Publications tagged `GAMES`
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Fill in the Blanks Inspired by the classic and beloved game, Mad Libs! Fill in the Blanks is where writers can submit their stories with a few missing words. Other writers then plug in their own words and finish their stories for them! Get ready for some hilarious mashups! 70
Community Economics by Forte Business models that give ownership to all participants, and reward developers, players and publishers for the contributions they make to the health of the game communities. 43
Expload A Platform for the Development and Distribution of Open-Economy Games 34
No Moss Co. Tech, Agile, Innovation and Games Development. Articles about how to elevate yourself and the people around you. 25
Improbable Engineering How we’re building the future — and other stories. 20
Gliddon's Blog Personal editorial musings about everything from product design and storytelling to gaming and other stuff. 17
Game Loot Video Game Features, Stories and Other Treasures 17
Gamerly A magazine that writes about games in a different way 16
Life Changing Games A series about designing games with the power to change behaviour 16
field day lab We design learning games at UW-Madison. Field Day Lab is both a game studio and a research lab. The University of Wisconsin — Madison is ground zero for research on Games and Learning. 14
We The Players The Community Hub Dedicated to Video Gamers 13
netsuggest An Entertainment Publication 12
The Insatiable Gamer The Insatiable Gamer is your quick fix for fresh and community-driven opinions about what matters in the games industry. 7
Cryptic Legends Assemble and manage a team of legendary heroes, sending them into automatic turn-based battles against other players, while uncovering the rich history and mythology inspired by real-world cultures. All in-game assets are actually owned by players: you can sell them and trade the 6
BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint Tales from the frontlines of web game preservation. 6