Publications tagged `VENTURE CAPITAL`
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At the Front Line Frontline is a venture capital firm that invests across Europe and the US in companies that want to fulfil their global potential. 934
8VC News 8VC seeks to enable industry transformation. In a wave of creative destruction, we believe emerging platforms will replace the decades old technology infrastructure behind many industries, promoting greater innovation and global prosperity. 934
Enjoy The Work Our unique, hands-on approach to startup mentorship empowers founders to pick the right path. We provide informed counsel every step of the way, helping founders navigate the unknown in times of inevitable turbulence and uncertainty. 929
Female Founders Fund News about female founders and women in VC from a seed-stage fund that invests in the exponential power of exceptional female talent. 926
Storm Ventures We invest in companies that have found PMF. We don’t care where you’re based, as long as you have happy customers, innovative software, and a team hungry to leave their mark on the enterprise. 914
G20 Ventures Human scale venture capital. 861
Silicon Valley for International Entrepreneurs We help international #startup founders and #VC investors to plugin into #SiliconValley ecosystem and become successful on a global scale. 848
Work-Bench Work-Bench is an enterprise technology VC fund in NYC. We support early go-to-market enterprise startups with community, workspace, and corporate engagement. 843
Road Less Ventured Venture Capital from a Principal’s perspective 841
boldstart ventures day one partner and true believer for developer first & SaaS founders 839
Fabric Ventures Investing in decentralised data networks powering the shift towards human-centric computing 816
Project A Insights Project A is the Operational VC from Berlin in the early-stage digital technology space — 100 experts empowering tomorrow’s digital winners. 814
Pillar VC VC doesn't have to be the darkside. 812
Atomico Atomico partners with Europe’s most ambitious tech founders at Series A and beyond. Our experienced team includes entrepreneurs and executives from the world’s most successful technology firms. 772
Entrepreneurship at Work - InReach Ventures Publication The AI powered Venture Capital firm investing in early stage European startups 753