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Deep Learning Experiments Evaluating deep learning design choices through experimentation 2
Explore ML Blogs, projects and productionizing machine learing. 2
phullontech The author, Vivek Phuloria, is a Data Science Consultant who seeks to demystify the seemingly complex technologies and explain them to the non-technical audience. 2
Data Sensitive Data Science Guides, Tutorials & Blogs 2
CodeConvention Medium’s up to date technical publication. Follow to become part of our great community. 2
FiniteSum+ Data Science and Machine Learning Advice for Businesses 1
Kelly Zhang Data Science | Tech Consulting | Information Technology | UT Austin MS Information Technology Management 2020 | UC Irvine BS Informatics Statistics 2018 1
Data Driven Media Group Data Driven Applications and Algorithms all in one place. 1
Can It Be Predicted? Datascience, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Predictive modeling 1
Asif Anwar Contents on machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, python, blockchain, fin-tech, photography and lifehacks 1
My Tech Roadmap There is nothing absolutely right and absolutely wrong, all we have is something in between. 1
Data in All Things Musings about data science, healthcare, and society. 1
Data Decision & Intelligence Data Decision & Intelligence curated simple yet special stories to enhance your knowledge in the field of cognitive and decision sciences. One stop hub to taste stimulated statistics, advance artificial intelligence & boosted bioinformatics also synergy between Psychology and AI. 1
ALTAVIA — MASSIVE BLOG ALTAVIA is the online blog of MASSIVE, the leading A.I. company in the field of online market performance data and consumer behavior 1
Coffee Sucre (opening soon!) A data science coffee shop cohosted by two cousins. 1