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A Simple ML-Framework of Cookie Jars

In our every day lives we make important decisions for our well-being and it’s necessary that we make the right ones more often than wrong…

A short Introduction to Pytorch using logic gates in Perceptron

A Perceptron can be thought of as an algorithm with an objective to classify the output into binary outcomes i.e. 1 or 0, True or False…

Why ECDF is better than a Histogram

Every exploratory analysis always has a histogram, we seek answers but histograms are less informative and biased. This may break the…

Rapid Prototyping in Machine Learning.

Create minimum viable products (MVP) at a fast pace.

Conundrums of the Confusion Matrix

Imagine a problem where we want to predict rain since it’s always cloudy, not how much rain, but will it rain or not. The first task for…


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