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Still Crew More Respect, More Fresh 18,037
Micro-Chop Dissecting beatmaking, DJing, music production, rapping, and sampling. 4,689
Bangtan Journal Do you know BTS? The Bangtan Journal is a collection of the best writing about BTS and ARMY, by ARMY. We’d love to promote you, your website and your work here. Contact us! 302
The Renaissance Project The Renaissance — Rap and Hip Hop’s Revolutionary Publication is a digital zine dedicated to providing innovative, honest thought in regards to the future of hip hop, as a culture and a music genre. @TheRenProj everywhere. 22
amanmusthaveacode The blog provides commentary on music, sports and pop culture. It looks at overarching themes and issues and goes beyond the typical stories. Most of all, it tries to laugh: give laughing a chance. Do it for the culture (and the ‘gram sure). 8
Rap Chronicles This blog explores various critical discussions within rap music and hip hop culture including materialism, misogynoir, neoliberalism, among various other topics 7
sameconversation Articles, reviews and think-pieces spanning all corners of music. 1
Ad-Lips Personal Poetry on Rap Poetry 0