The Renaissance

The Renaissance — Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Publication is a digital zine dedicated exploring new and/or neglected thought in hip hop and music-related topics. Bought to you by PRISM Media, a section of the PRISM Collaborative.

Juwan J. Holmes

Juwan Holmes is a writer and multipotentialite from Brooklyn, New York.

Paul K. Barnes

Paul has been writing about music for years and has loved (mostly) every minute of it. He also enjoys writing about other topics and eating.

Latest Posts

A Different Tempo: Yes, Lizzo is a Rapper. She’s Always Been.

Some won’t consider Lizzo as a rapper because she is a body positive Black woman with a diverse sound and fan base. It’s disingenuous

The Album Sucks — Admit It

There is a difference between accepting anything an artist puts out and actually supporting them.

JAY-Z’s Latest Problem: Performative Activism

This is far from the billionaire rapper’s first time “selling out”, but this is “a huge disservice” to black and brown youth everywhere.

The Importance of Artist Identity

…There’s a barrier between the public image and the personal life, no matter how thin it is. We must remember: Artists are still human.

Photoview #1: Mylo MU

Mylo MU is a Multi-disciplinary music artist working in performance, painting, collage and video installation. Born in Inglewood…

PhotoView #4: Yoh

(Exclusive) — You’ll be hard pressed to meet another Earth-connected, balanced creator than Yoh (shortened from Yoh the Shaolin).

PhotoView #2: Kavyy

With The Renaissance Project next month, Editorial Revolutionary Juwan J. Holmes is publishing his 3 PhotoViews from his time at Humans of…

PhotoView #3: VKYSmallz

VKYSmallz is a DJ, Actress, Bar girl, and Break-dancer. She is also a strong woman, mother and video game streamer leading remarkable…

PhotoView #5: saint oms

(Exclusive) — Creator of his own clothing, 𝖌𝖑🌑𝖙𝖍𝖜𝖗𝖑𝖉, saint is a revolutionary in search for an audience, even if the audience…

The Renaissance Manifesto

Introducing The Renaissance Project, a new publication dedicated to producing innovative, honest content in regards to the future of hip…


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